WordPress Form Loader Plugin F.A.Q

  1. How to get the form loader plugin?
  2. In order to use the form loader plugin, you have create form first. You can create form here, then click "Download Form As WordPress Plugin". The myform.zip you download contains the form and the plugin; To add more forms to your blog, just create them and click "Download Form", then use FTP to upload the php files to the form loader plugin folder on your WordPress website.
  3. The plugin folder structure and the shortcode syntax
  4. The form loader plugin uses WordPress Shortcode API to load forms generated by formmail-maker.com. To load a form to your blog post content, use the simple shortcode [FormmailMakerFormLoader] to load the default form.php; If you have multiple forms for your website, you can put each form in its own folder under the form loader plugin, then use shorcode with folder as parameter to load a form. For example, use shortcode [FormmailMakerFormLoader folder="form2"] to load form2/form.php. See screen shot below:
  5. Create form, get plugin, and load form to your blog