PHP FormMail Generator - A tool to create ready-to-use web forms in a minutes. It's Easy + Quick + Free.

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  1. Create web form
  2. Preview & test your form
  3. Download your ready-to-use form
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   A read-to-use form with following features:
  1. Unlimited standard form fields, credit card and file upload fields
  2. User input validation (checking required fields, credit card number and expiry date, file upload, etc..)
  3. Send customized email to you, support attachments
  4. Send personialized auto response email or copy to user
  5. Save submitted form data as Excel file
  6. Customized thank you message or redirect page
  7. Anti email spider (emil address harvesting)
  8. Anti-Spam using security image (CAPTCHA) and email header injection removal
  9. Log all email traffics (to see if there are any spam activities)
  10. Admin Panel to see and download your form data